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COBESO Inc. Services

Plan Administration and Legislative Compliance

There are countless rules and regulations governing employee benefit plans. Our expert team will help ensure that you are meeting your compliance obligations. We stay up-to-date, and will inform you of any laws or regulations that may affect your employee benefit program. Our compliance consulting services include:

  • Easy-to-read Legislative Briefs that summarize recent federal legislative developments in insurance and employee benefits.
  • Answers to common COBRA,Health Care Reform,FMLA, HIPAA, HIPAA Privacy, Medicare Part D and Section 125 questions.
  • Commonly used forms in COBRA,FMLA, Health CareReform, HIPAA,HIPAA Privacy, MedicarePart D and Section 125 administration.
  • A community of knowledgeable colleagues from all over the country to share resources and information via theCommunity's interactive forum.
  • A variety of insurance, employee benefits and human resources websites and articles, all in one convenient location.

Cobeso, Inc. is committed to helping you with complex plan administration and legislative compliance, using a variety of internal and external resources.

Legislative Briefs

Cobeso Inc. is happy to provide our clients with exclusive LegislativeBrief publications that summarize recent federal legislative developments in insurance and employee benefits.These informative documents are researched and written in an easy-to-read manner by experienced benefits attorneys.

Documents on Command

Communication materials provide Cobeso, Inc. clients with instant access to a library of downloadable articles, including categories such as Wellness Programs, Employee Health & Wellness and Benchmark Surveys& Statistics.

Health Shop

Cobeso, Inc.provides our clients with Health Shop- comprehensive consumer information in a ready-to print newsletter format. Topics include At the Doctor's Office, At thePharmacy, Home Care and Your Health Plan.

Professional Services

Saving money on employee benefitsis imperative in today’s economy.The cost of providing benefitscontinues to rise, and employees consistently seek more. Many employers struggleto balance employeeneeds with theirown bottom lines. Helping youmeet these needs is Cobeso lnc.’s specialty. 

Obtaining competitive quotesfor coverage and handling claimsproblems is only a small part of what you shouldexpect from your insurance and employee benefit advisors. We go much further by providing qualityservices throughout the year. Providingyour current carriers with a simple letter that names Cobeso Inc., Inc. as yourBroker of Record will allow us to complete an in-depth market analysis, obtainquotes from more markets and leverage our relationships with carriers. Brokerstypically receive commission dollars from carrierson a monthly basis, which means that your plan renewal dates do notaffect your ability to change brokers at any time during your plan year

Your employees are paying fora portion of your benefit plans, and consequently are paying a portion of your broker’s  fees.Ensure that you are providing the best value and service for your company andits employees     by working with aquality organization. Our professional employee communications will keep youremployees informed, healthy and safe.

Benefits Available Through Cobeso Inc Include:

  • Medical
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Life Insurance
  • Supplemental Accident Plans
  • Supplemental HospitalizationPlans
  • Catastrophic Coverage- Cancer/Heart
  • Employer-provided Short-term Disability
  • Employer-provided Long-term Disability
  • Employer-provided Basic Life& AD&D
  • Voluntary/Supplement Life
  • Dependent Life
  • Health Care Spending Account
  • Dependent Care Spending Account
  • Health Reimbursement Account
  • Executive/ Estate Planning

In addition to employee communications, our professional services include the following:

  • Plan Strategy
  • Data Analysis
  • Pharmacy Benefits
  • Plan Administration and Legislative Compliance (including access to a client portal)
  • Employer Education
  • Human Resources
  • Employee Communications
  • Wellness Services
  • Marketing/Marketing ActionPlan

Plan Strategy Capabilities

Cobeso Inc. offers the following services to help you offer competitive and cost-effective benefit plan designs:

Actuarial Services

We employ the services of (Actuarial Firm Name) to assist with actuarial calculations critical to your employee benefit plan. (Actuarial Firm Name) can provide analyses and studies ranging from basic valuations to highly sophisticated long-range forecasts. By partnering with (Actuarial Firm Name),we go beyond standard solutions and deliver the maximum value for your benefit dollar.


Eliminate guesswork from your benefit s renewal process.Our goal is to turn viable solutions into real results through value-added tools that benefit your business. PlanAdvisor offers a simplified way to approach your benefits design planning by balancing both cost and value for your company and employees. We can help you:

  • Analyze your benefit plan costs against reliable benchmark information
  • Project the impact of medical and dental plan design changes
  • Estimate your renewal costs
  • Streamline the plan selection process for your employees
  • Compare yourself with other employers by region, size and industry 

Benchmark Surveys & Statistics

Our benchmarking data provides you a standard to which you can compare your benefit programs. We will make recommendations to help you enhance your plan while at the same time remaining competitive and reducing your overall plan costs.

Valuable benefit trend statistics and surveys are one of the core pieces of information that we provide to our clients to help support your benefit plan design strategy and decisions. These surveys and statistics provide benchmark data from leading consulting organizations around the country and cover the following topics:

  • Ancillary Benefits
  • Benefit Costs
  • Benefit Management
  • Health Care Costs
  • Health Care Reform
  • Health Plans
  • Prescription Drugs
  • Retirement Plans
  • Wellness Benefits
  • Vacation and Paid-Time Off

Custom Employer/Employee Communications

Understanding the complexity of employee benefits plans is a challenge even for experienced benefits managers.

Employers need to keep abreast of constantly changing trends, laws and other regulations. Employees need to be able to understand their benefits well in order to be wise consumers and understand the value of their "hidden paycheck." Unfortunately, most employers have limited resources in this area. 

The Cobeso, Inc. team helps you tackle your employee communication challenges. With strategic planning and a thorough understanding of your communication objectives, we provide custom communication materials that will help both you and your employees understand your plans and the issues influencing your benefits decisions. Below are the types of custom communications we offer - with a few samples included.

EmployeeBenefit Communications

Benefit communications include memos, flyers, payroll stuffers, posters and articles used to announce benefit changes, introduce new benefits or plans, or to help employees understand and use certain benefits. 

Benefit Statements

We provide benefit statement items such as total compensation statement packets and a summary of an employee's benefits package, including salary and benefits.

Consumer-Directed HealthCare (CDHC)

We supply everything you need, including letters, flyers, articles, payroll stuffers, posters and e-mails to help support your CDHC campaigns. 

HealthCare Reform

Everything from employee-facing articles to payroll stuffers to Legislative Briefs, our healthcare reform content keeps employers and employees in the know on this hot topic.

EmployerEducation Articles and Newsletters

You'll have access to educational articles covering many benefit topics. This also includes a quarterly Benefits Bulletin newsletter about the newest legislation issues and benefits trends, along with a monthly one-page newsletter covering highlights of current HR and benefit news.

KnowYour Employee Benefits

Provide your employees with insight and information about insurance and employee benefits topics with this series. These brochures help your employees better understand their benefits, and can serve as a foundation for your ongoing employee communication campaigns.