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WLA Volunteers At Sparrow’s Nest Summer Camp Program

30-Sep-2015 For the last two weeks Alexis Mills and Jennifer Talbot of Complete Benefit Solutions; and Devan Cleary of the Hodgkins Agency and sole sponsor of all 2015 WLA Netgiving Events; have been volunteering at the Sparrow’s Nest. The last two weeks have been nothing short of exceptional. Anyone who is given the chance to work with Krista Jones can say they get to see how a real life angel and hero in our community affects the lives of these parents and their families in our Hudson Valley. Our small group has had the opportunity to help pack snack bags and sandwiches for children to take to camp. Cupcakes were made from scratch for the families and we were able to decorate and package them up to add to their delivery. In addition, we get to personally deliver meals to some of the families who receive services from Sparrow’s Nest. It has been a memorable two weeks and I continue to look forward to the next six weeks to come.

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