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COBESO Success Stories

I just would like to state for the record, how rewarding it is, to have worked over the years with Complete Benefits Solutions. Donna Mills and Alexis Mills are truly godsends
As it relates to navigating to minefield of health insurance for employers. I cannot speak highly enough about both them as individuals and their work for us in sorting out various matters and problems for us.

Please feel free to contact me at any time to discuss any specifics about the above.
Charles Coutinho, LLC.
My name is Yvette and I work for a mid-sized non-profit in Harlem. In my role as Director, I manage the Fiscal, Human Resources, and Administrative functions of our agency. Given that times are tough, and we often have to do more with less, Donna and her team has been instrumental in assisting my organization and me with getting the most value for our dollars. Not only has this enabled us to remain competitive in the workforce, it has enhanced our benefits package, thereby attracting highly qualified individuals to our agency. As a direct result of having met her, we were able to reevaluate and reduce our costs significantly, thereby affording us the opportunity to add additional benefits to our compensation package.
Yvette Velez, Fiscal & Administrative Director Girls Educational & Mentoring Services
I’ve had the pleasure working with Donna Mills and the team at Complete Benefit Solutions for some time now. As a small business owner it can be difficult to find my family comprehensive and affordable health insurance. Alexis, my contact, is always so helpful and worked hard to find the health plan that fit the needs of my growing family. They’re always quick to respond and, in my opinion, go the extra mile. In the midst of an insurance provider change up, they even came to my job to pick up the initial premium ensuring I would not miss the 1st of the month deadline. It’s great using a locally owned, family run business and I’m glad I chose to work Complete Benefit Solutions. I give my endorsement with confidence.
Adam T. Lauricella Graceland Tattoo
Thanks for all of your help with our health insurance matters for Metrosource Publishing Inc. In the years that we have been working together, you have always presented all of the best health insurance options to our company, as well as assisted us with the numerous questions that our employees have had.

Thanks for your assistance, and feel free to use this letter, or give my name as a reference for your clients.
Rob Davis, Publisher Metrosource Publishing, Inc.
Donna Mills and all of the staff at Cobeso are accurate, knowledgeable, and helpful. Their service-oriented company is focused on the needs of our members. Their attention to detail and commitment to understanding their clients' individual needs is remarkable.
Joyce M. Minard New Paltz Regional Chamber of Commerce
"When I started to look for major medical insurance for my wife and I, most brokers did not want to waste their time on us as 2 people is a small premium. Donna and her team treated us like we were a group of 200! Always there and not hesitant to make new suggestions and recommendations.
Cobeso is a great company!"
Ira Theodore Remsenburg Consuilting, LLC
Donna is extremely responsive to my entire office and production staff. In an industry that has been all but consistent, it is important to deal with someone who has the knowledge and ability to “think outside the box”. Donna provides each of our customers with custom solutions that go way beyond the best rates in the industry, she takes a look at prior losses and co pays of each and every prospect, finding out what their typical employer and employee contributions have been in the past, she then maximizes cash flow with solutions that keep more premium dollars in our clients own bank accounts, while at the same time still providing the best coverage options for employees of our customers
Michael A. Coughlin CEO, The Coughlin Group